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History of Wine: Public Lecture in Liverpool 6 December 2012

THURSDAY 6 DECEMBER 6.30-8.30PM AT 126 MOUNT PLEASANT This lecture will explore the origins of wine from pre-history onwards. Please note this is not a wine tasting event, however, it will include some samples of different types of wine. Join … Continue reading

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Telling Lives: The Drama of Prestwich Asylum

On October 24th, 2012, cul-de-sac theatre will present Eric Northey’s play Telling Liesat the Liverpool Medical Institute. The play is based on stories from the archives of the Prestwich Asylum, and is set at the outbreak of World War I. Telling … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey and Star-Crossed Plots

In the popular TV show Downton Abbey, it seems the course to true love never runs smooth, although that is not to say that the writer Julian Fellowes doesn’t  give the viewer what they want (weddings, children, resolutions) in the long run. … Continue reading

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Is Shylock a victim or a villain?

Weighted down by millions of lost souls and eternally scarred bodies, Shylock’s humanity and his persecution is a given for so many modern readers of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. Actually, I remember that after I finished a talk about Shylock and nineteenth-century … Continue reading

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Cursed Fountains? The Bride of Lammermoor and Brideshead Revisited

I recently visited Castle Howard in Yorkshire. For those of you who haven’t been, it’s definitely worth going. Beautiful grounds, well-informed staff, and a home that caters to Classicists, Victorianists, and many in-between with its extensive collection. But what impressed me … Continue reading

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University of Liverpool Continuing Education Catalogue 2012

The catalogue of Continuing Education courses at the University of Liverpool is now available. This year’s programme is excellent across the board, but I’m especially pleased with the English courses. The catalogue can be downloaded from this page. All current … Continue reading

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What Do Crime Fiction Fans Do on Holiday/Vacation?

It was my husband that brought me back to crime fiction after childhood dabblings in Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes, and our mutual interest has spurred some unusual holiday choices. When his research took us to the US in 2009 to meet James … Continue reading

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The Bridge’s Saga Noren and Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone

As far as female detectives go, Saga Noren, the Swedish detective in the Scandinavian crime drama The Bridge (currently on BBC4), is intellectually capable but emotionally stunted. Her attitude and demeanour are extremely reliable, but not always professional, as she doles out the same … Continue reading

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Baby farming in George Moore’s ‘Esther Waters’ (1894)

By the 1890s, the growing social conscience of the Victorians had led to the figure of the baby farmer crystallising into a figure both fearsome and criminal in the public’s mind. The baby farming trade itself was represented as a … Continue reading

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‘Call me dog’: My interviews with James Ellroy

On May 2nd, Steven Powell, editor of the crime fiction blog The Venetian Vase, will be talking about his book Conversations With James Ellroy, and his experiences meeting with the Demon Dog of crime fiction. James Ellroy is one of the … Continue reading

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