Laura at Liverpool Fact

Dana Andrews

Dana Andrews as Detective McPherson

Laura is one of my favourite crime films. Over many viewings, I’ve never ceased to be thrilled by its Victorian and Gothic undertones, its witty one-liners and its central crime of passion. Gene Tierney’s Laura in the eponymous 1944 film is ethereal and naive whilst still being a driven career woman and social climber. Despite Laura’s alluring power over men, one never loses sight of the fact she exists in a man’s world, and it is the men around her who describe her, a point driven home by Clifton Webb’s narration and Dana Andrew’s character’s detective work. For a more detailed description of the plot and a comparison of the novel and the film see my review on the Venetian Vase.

Laura will be shown at the Fact in Liverpool’s city centre on Sunday, January 6th as part of their ‘Vintage Sundays’ series, and we’ll be studying the text on ‘The Female Dick: Women in Crime Fiction’ course, running January 24th- March 28th 2013(enroll at the University of Liverpool Continuing Education by the 14th of January).

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