What Do Crime Fiction Fans Do on Holiday/Vacation?

Megan Abbott looks retro here

I like this image of Megan Abbott looking retro

It was my husband that brought me back to crime fiction after childhood dabblings in Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes, and our mutual interest has spurred some unusual holiday choices. When his research took us to the US in 2009 to meet James Ellroy in LA, we included a day of visiting famous murder scenes (my father’s SAT NAV and Ellroy’s My Dark Places came in handy here). But this year, in the spirit of austerity, our ‘staycation’ will also involve crime fiction. Most notably, we’re on our way to Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Festival in Harrogate from July 19-22nd. We’ve booked tickets to see my favourite Crime Fiction author (and fellow former suburban Detroiter) Megan Abbott, whose novel Die a Little will be part of the reading list on my course The Female Dick: Women in Crime Fiction next year (January 2013). If you can’t make it, but are looking for a great summer read, Abbott’s intense, almost poetic prose can’t be beat. Here are some reviews I’ve done of her work on the blog The Venetian Vase: Die a Little, The End of Everything and The Song is You. Although the courses for 2012-2013 aren’t listed yet, you can keep an eye on what’s coming through this link.

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